Hardware Issues

All troubleshooting pages are a work in progress.

There are a whole host of issues that are related solely to your printer’s hardware, not your slicing settings.


  • Your printer’s frame could be wobbly, causing small discrepancies when your printer moves to the next layer

  • If your printer uses lead screws or threaded rods on the Z-Axis they may not be straight. You can also minimize Z-Wobble by leaving them unconstrained at one end (if they are bent slightly)

Layer Shifting

  • Usually a result of loose timing belts (typically used on your printer’s X and Y axes). Layer shifting can

  • Can also be caused by loose pulleys that move your timing belts

  • A single layer shift can be caused by someone bumping into your printer

Leaning Prints

  • Leaning prints tend to come from a loose pulley that is letting your timing belts slip.

Inconsistent Printing Temperatures

  • If your HotEnd(s) aren’t staying at a consistent temperature, you likely need to run an auto PID tune. Check for instructions specific to your firmware or printer. Don’t forget to save the results to EEPROM!