⚠️ Tolerance for subdividing curves (in mm)

This lets you subdivide curves into smaller or larger numbers of straight tracks.

⚠️ Tolerance for Removing Inline Points

This lets you remove extra points that are in a straight line which would generate multiple lines of GCode when only one line would suffice. Adjust this if you’re getting jittering on supposedly straight lines.

⚠️ Tolerance for Removing Fine Detail Points

This lets you remove little tiny features that won’t show up in your print, but could cause your printer to stutter while it tries to print them.

⚠️ Header Version

This lets you add the version of the G-code header to the top of your file.

⚠️ Amount to extrude per calculated Unit Volume (in cubed mm)

This lets you globally adjust how much filament is extruded. This won’t change the size of your print, just make more or less plastic come out of your HotEnd.

⚠️ Multiplier for the First Slice Track Extrusion Volume

This lets you adjust how much filament is extruded for the first track printed. You could use this instead of the normal priming options.

⚠️ Maximum Angle a Slope can be at to be Treated as Shallow

This lets you adjust which parts of your model will have supports generated underneath them.

⚠️ Radius (in Track Widths) to Join Spiralled Tracks Together

This controls the connection between two spiraled tracks. Spiraled tracks happen at perimeters in skirts.

⚠️ Amount (in Track Widths) to Separate the Ends of a track before Connecting it to the Next Spiral Layer

This lets you control the offset between two spiraled tracks where they are joined.

⚠️ Number of Slicing Threads

This lets you specify how many threads to use while slicing.

⚠️ Shell Gap Fill Extension Distance

This extends the polygons generated from shapes (faces, cylinders, spheres) of a given slice in the direction of there adjacent polygons so that they are more likely to overlap.

⚠️ Use Region-Based Solid Fill Tracks

⚠️ Zero Area Tolerance

⚠️ Zero Area Triangle Tolerance

Triangles below this area will be considered zero area and disregarded.