Privacy Policy

In order to develop Pathio into the best possible slicer, we are collecting some data to help guide our development process and provide troubleshooting assistance. In particular, we collect data to understand our user’s experience and where we could improve. For example in order to fix bugs we collect data from crashes. We have no intention to collect data about what you are printing (unless you explicitly submit this information to us).

Pathio contains features that allow you to provide feedback in the application, this feedback tool also optionally allows you to submit the models and settings you are working with. If you choose to submit models and settings we will only collect that information once, at the point when you choose to submit them. This action creates a ticket in our customer-service software which includes your User ID and Session ID. We will only use this submitted information in good-faith for the purposes of improving Pathio.

This information will be only be kept as long as required in order to resolve the issue you report, or for 2 months, whichever is longer.

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Types of information

There are a few different kinds of data that we collect to improve your Pathio experience:

Anonymised (Non Personally Identifiable) Information NPII

This is information which does not contain anything that identifies you individually.

Personally Identifiable Information PII

This is information which can potentially identify you as an individual

Linkable Information LI

This is information which could potentially be sensitive, but in isolation is NPII. If however it is combined with PII could be linked to you as an individual.

What we collect & why

Anonymised Information

To learn how people are using Pathio, we collect general usage statistics. This data is anonymised and does not contain any information about who you are or what you have been slicing.

Each time you start Pathio, a "Session ID" is automatically generated. If you open a support ticket with us and choose to share your information with us, we will be able to tie the above anonymised information to your ticket which will help us help you. Any previous sessions and any future sessions are not linked.

We collect this information to:

  1. Help us understand what has been going on when you ask for help.

  2. Understand how and how often Pathio is used.

  3. See which features are frequently used so we know where to focus our efforts.

Personally Identifiable Information:

We collect the following data about you personally which is stored in our customer database:

  1. Your full name so we know to whom your account belongs.

  2. Your email address so that we can reset your password and get in touch if you ever contact us for support.

  3. Encrypted passwords.

This information is stored in a dedicated database and only customer service users have access to it when they are on our secure network.

We collect this information to:

  1. Facilitate day-to-day functioning of our system, eg.

    1. Allow you to log in.

    2. Allow you to reset your password.

    3. Allow us to link activity to your account (if you allow us to) when you contact customer support.

    4. Allow us to get in touch with you if we need to (your marketing preferences will always be respected).

We also hold other information that is collected in non-routine ways and may be stored in other systems such as:

  1. Information we might ask you, or that you might tell us on our forums, social media or through our customer service channels.

  2. Information that you submit into other systems that we use, e.g. E3D Slack,,, our forums, etc.

By giving us this information you consent to us holding onto it, we do not routinely process this information.

Linkable Information

Opening and Closing Pathio

When you open and close Pathio, we record these events against your "User ID", a number unique to your account and allows us to understand how often our users are using Pathio. From this number alone we are unable to tell who you are without querying our customer database.

Your "Session ID" is not stored against this action and so we are unable to link your account to any of the anonymised information.

If you open a support ticket with us, you are sending us your "User ID" and your "Session ID".

Crash Reports

When Pathio crashes, we collect slightly more data than usual, this allows us to see exactly where the problem occurred so that we can do our best to address it. This extra information is:

  1. Information about your computer’s specification such as operating system and hostname.

  2. A stack-trace which tells us exactly where Pathio was during execution.

  3. Information about the environment that Pathio was running in, this might include things like the path of your home directory and environment variables.

  4. A minidump of the status of the program at the point of crash, which typically contains only the minimum information we need to understand what went wrong and where so that we can fix it, however this could reveal filenames or file-paths of models to us.

We collect this information exclusively to improve the stability of Pathio, and other than using it to address specific issues. We do not routinely process this data in any way an do not retain it longer than 2 months.

In the near future, we intend to make sharing crash reports optional, however during the early phases of development this information is crucial to the improvement of Pathio.

How do we get the information?

We collect information in a few ways:

Anonymised Information

This is automatically collected by Pathio when you install it, and when you run it.

Personally Identifiable Information

This only comes directly from you; we don’t collect anything that other than what you specifically tell us when you sign up to use our services.

Linkable information

This is automatically collected whenever Pathio starts, stops or crashes.

What do we do with your information?

Anonymised Information

We store this information for aggregated analysis. We will not connect any of this data to you personally except if you send us a support enquiry and provide us the input that we need to create this link.

Personally Identifiable Information

Access to our customer database is restricted to users that need to access this information in the course of their duty. We use this data during our normal course of business and do not process it in any way.

Linkable Information

We analyse this data so we can understand usage patterns and to diagnose bugs in Pathio.

Do we share your data?

We only share your data with trusted 3rd parties to deliver our services. Examples of this include

  1. Mailchimp - If you have subscribed to our mailing list, Mailchimp will store your name and email.

  2. Zendesk - If you have opened a ticket or sent us an email, Zendesk will store your name, email and any other information you submitted.

  3. Google - We use GMail for our email, anything you send us via email will be stored on that system.

  4. Login Authentication Provider - We share your name and email address with a 3rd party that provides the login and authentication services for the application.

  5. E3D - Working so closely with E3D we might share some information with them to help provide you customer service.

Data are stored in datacenters that are not on site, and may be in the EU or US.

What happens if this policy changes?

We’ll be sure to let you know if there are any major changes to this policy. Those could be things like:

  1. New kinds of data we collect

  2. New ways of using data we already collect

  3. New partners with whom we share your data

Contact us

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, feel free to email us at