Here are some terms you might see mentioned around the documentation.


The part of your printer that heats filament. Similar, and sometimes referred to as an extruder. The nozzle is the tip of the HotEnd.


The part of your printer that pushes filament through the HotEnd. Sometimes used interchangeably with "HotEnd."


Retractions are when your printer pulls filament out of the HotEnd slightly to lower the pressure in the nozzle. Typically this happens right before travel moves to prevent oozing.

Travel Move

Any time your printer moves while not extruding filament, it is considered a travel move. Typically, travel moves can be faster than regular printing moves, as they don’t need to be quite as precise.


A few tracks drawn around your print on the first layer. Typically skirts are used to prime your nozzle before starting your real print, and can also help to judge whether your build plate is level or not.


A few tracks drawn touching your print on the first layer. Typically brims are used to hold your print to the build plate and reduce warping.


A full platform created below your print, improving adhesion and reducing warping.


A single line of filament extruded by your printer.


A single slice of your print on the XY-plane. Lots of layers build up to complete your print.


Tracks on the outermost edges of your print (on each layer). These form the solid outer shell on the sides of your print.


The solid exterior of your print. This includes perimeters on the horizontal (XY) sides of your print, and Solid Fill on the top and bottom of your print.


The sparse crosshatch pattern on the interior of your print. This retains strength while cutting down on material use and print time (when compared to a completely solid print).


Pillars drawn underneath shallow overhangs on your print to keep them from drooping.


Unsupported sections of your print that have two anchors on the same layer. These are easier to print than unsupported shallow overhangs, and it is possible to print longer bridges without support.


A feature of a 3D model (and your subsequent print) that extends at a shallow angle from the horizontal plane. Depending on how steep and long an overhang is it may need to be supported with a support pillar.

Prime Pillar

A small pillar drawn next to your print. At each layer, the active nozzle will print the pillar to prime the nozzle with filament, making sure that it is ready to print when it comes time to start your actual print. When printing with more than one HotEnd, each one will print a separate pillar when they’re activated, so each will be primed when it is their turn to print.

Feed Rate

The speed your printer moves.


A setting which allows your extruder to stop pushing filament at a set distance before the end of a perimeter track. This will let the nozzle drain filament passively, relieving pressure and reducing ooze while traveling.