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Configuring Pathio For Your Printer

When you first launch Pathio, you’ll need to download a printer and filament from our servers to the library stored on your computer. If we already have a profile for your printer, add that; if not, you can create a new profile by copying one of the "generic" ones. Once you enter the main slicing screen, you’ll be able to fine tune the generic printer profile:

Machine Config Beta 2

  1. Click on the printer dropdown menu.

  2. Click on Pencil Icon to edit your printer.

  3. Update your printer’s information. It is especially important to update your starting and ending Gcode scripts. See below for more information about our extruder profile system.

  4. Click the Close button to return to the main view.

All printer settings are stored in the printerConfig.json file. Learn more about modifying the configuration files here

If you have more than one printer, you can download more profiles (or copy an existing one) by going to the printer list:

  1. Click on the printer dropdown menu.

  2. Click on the Edit Printers button.

  3. Click on the Add Printers button.

  4. Click on a printer to copy it to your local library.

Machine Config Beta 4

Machine Config Beta 5

Machine Config Beta 6


Pathio handles extruders slightly differently from other slicers. Each printer has a certain number of tool slots (called Extruders) that can be filled with a HotEnd profile. For example, if your printer can only print one filament at a time, you would have one extruder slot, and typically one HotEnd profile (describing your current HotEnd). If your printer can quickly swap between HotEnds (such as an Ultimaker 3, or Lulzbot Taz 6) you may want to create additional HotEnd profiles for the other HotEnds you use; that way you can simply select them from the dropdown list whenever you want to swap back and forth.

To edit your printer’s extruders:

  1. Navigate to the Extruder tab in the Printer Configuration page.

  2. Extruder profiles marked as "master" are not editable; to define your own extruder duplicate an existing profile with the drop-down menu.

  3. Click on your new extruder profile to edit its settings, including its name.

  4. Assign your profile to an extruder slot with the dropdown menu. Add extra extruder slots with the Add Extruder button.

  5. Note that you can add more extruder profiles than there are slots. For printers with easily swapped extruders (such as the Ultimaker or the E3D ToolChanger) you can simply reassign profiles to extruder slots at any time with the dropdown list.

Once you’re done putting in settings, you should be ready to print! You can follow the Quick Start Guide to try out your first print. Select your new printer from the Machine Dropdown in the right corner of the Pathio Toolbar.

Machine Config Beta 7