Import and Export

You can share your full slicing configuration with another user of pathio with the import and export buttons. These work with a .pathioshare file, which will include:

  • Your current Slicing Settings

  • All of your local printer profiles

  • All of your local filament profiles

  • All of the models currently loaded into Pathio


To export your full configuration, simply go to File  Export to .pathioshare File and save your new configuration bundle.


To import a .pathioshare file, simply go to File  Import from .pathioshare File. This will prompt you to pick the configuration bundle you want to import. Afterwards, pick a folder to unpack the configuration bundle into. That folder will store the models and slicing settings — the slicing settings will be stored in a project .json file. Then, you’ll have the option of using your currently selected printer and filament with the new project (slicing settings and models), or import the printer and filament profiles that were part of the .pathioshare file, too. After that, you’re ready to go!

The Import Dialogue Box