Is Pathio Open Source?

No. Unlike the major Open Source slicers, we don’t have an alternate source of revenue (selling printers). As such, we’re not able to give away our slicer for free.

Is Pathio free?

During Open Beta Pathio will be free. After Open Beta we’re going to have to charge at least some of our users at some time in the future in order to continue development. Our dream is to that over time we can build a large enough userbase and powerful enough tool that we can offer a free version and one with premium features. This would allow us to attract enough revenue to fully fund development, and as independent developers we would be able to develop something that benefits everyone. If we aren’t able to achieve a situation where we can offer a free version, then the price would be as low as we can get away with, and we would absolutely be offering a trial.

How is E3D related to Pathio?

Pathio is an independent company and project, currently housed and supported by E3D during it’s early development.

What is my signup info used for?

Creating a Pathio account only requires your name and email we don’t ask for anything more. This will let you log into any computer with Pathio installed, and pick up all the configurations where you left off! (Coming a few weeks after launch) More details about how we use your information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

What printers do Pathio support?

Pathio supports practically any printer that supports normal Gcode. We don’t have pre-made profiles for every machine out of the box, but we are working to build our library. We can’t make any promises that your particular printer is supported, but we’re happy to work with you to get your printer up and running. For more information email support@pathio.xyz. When our cloud functionality is up and running you will be able to share profiles online.

Does Pathio support multi-material printing?

Yes, though we’re in the early stages of support for more complicated printing jobs (including multi-material printing). Check out our forum at community.pathio.xyz to help us streamline the multi-material printing workflow for you.

How do I report a bug?

The easiest way is to report bugs inside Pathio with the feedback tab. That lets you automatically share (with your permission) your slicing settings and 3D models. You can also email support@pathio.xyz. If you do, please include what version of Pathio you’re using, and attach the 3D model(s) you’re trying to slice if you can. Screenshots and videos showing the problem are also appreciated.

How do I make a suggestion or feature request?

The easiest way to make a suggestion is on our forum at community.pathio.xyz. While you’re there make sure to read other people’s suggestions and share your successful prints with Pathio!

Can I preview my gcode per-layer? Per-individual line?

Yes. You can select your Gcode preview mode by going to View  Track Filter Mode.

Can I share my printer or filament profiles with my friends?

Yes, although better sharing support is on its way. For now, you can share the files in your storage directory. You can access these by going to Debug  Open config directory.