Bugs, Crashes, Etc.

You can find the Pathio version number in File  About Pathio

Bugs are sadly a part of life when it comes to beta software. Here’s what you need to know to help the Pathio team perfect the slicer.

Known Bugs

  • Pathio is still very slow. Slicing times will improve as we work on it, but for now please be patient. We recommend that you start by slicing simple, small files. This will save you time and let you learn how to use Pathio.

  • Pathio currently has a lot of trouble handling broken STLs, such as models with overlapping triangles or holes. This will improve in the future. This varies by model due to the different kinds of issues possible with the STL file format. For now, we recommend Netfabb as an excellent repair tool. Sometimes importing the model into Netfabb and re-exporting it (without working on it!) will do the trick, other times it will take actually running one of the repair scripts in the program.

Fixing Crashes

If Pathio crashes (the screen goes white or gray), you can either close it or press Ctrl+R to reload the slicer. If that doesn’t work, you can press Ctrl+Shift+R to force it to reload. Try undoing some of the changes to your settings if you’re still having trouble.

You can also reset your slicing settings by going to File  New Project. If Pathio isn’t even opening right, you can delete the files in the Pathio folder and restart Pathio. You may want to keep a backup of the filamentConfig.json and printerConfig.json files, otherwise you’ll have to make them again from scratch. You can also see more information about configuration files here.

Documenting Bugs

Please let us know when you find bugs by sending along your full config folder (File  Open config directory) as well as the model you were slicing.


Sometimes, the Pathio team would appreciate it if you could give us the logs of what happened whenever you get a crash. To get the logs, go to File  Open log directory.

Additional Logging

  1. Open the Start Menu and type Environment

  2. Click on Edit the System Environment

  3. Click on Environment Variables…​ which should be at the bottom-right.

  4. On the lower set of buttons, click New…​

  5. For Variable Name: enter: ELECTRON_ENABLE_LOGGING

  6. For Variable Value: enter: 1.

  7. Click OK, and OK again, and OK one more time.

  8. Restart Pathio from the command line and you should have more verbose logs to send to the Pathio team if you need to!

Mac OS
  1. Update your Environment Variables with ELECTRON_ENABLE_LOGGING = 1

  1. Update your Environment Variables with ELECTRON_ENABLE_LOGGING = 1